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FutureTek.. Industry Specific Software Product and Services

We offer industry specific versatile software product(s) which are comprehensive and use state-of-the-art WEB technology.  Small to medium businesses with a focus in Retail, Wholesale/Distribution and Manufacturing market space benefit from these offerings. Additionally, we offer common business management products such as HRM, CRM and Accounting to help our customers, in other industries. Our product offerings include:

STORE/eCENTURY: A comprehensive merchandise and store management software.  Fully integrated and supports multi-warehouse and multi-branch operations with excellent security features and extensive reporting capabilities.

BUSINESS/eCENTURY:An integrated ERP software for small to medium sized manufacturing companies. Incorporates functional modules such as Purchasing, Production Planning, Inventory, Sales, CRM, Quality Management, HRM and Finance.

Email: sales@futuretekcorp.com

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