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FutureTek..  Application hosting services
FutureTek..  Web/E-Commerce Custom Solutions Development Services
FutureTek..  Web/E-Commerce Consulting/Professional services
Our skills include

Delivering technology solutions for our customer’s business competitiveness in the market space... 

FutureTek... Application hosting services

A key focus area and a fast growing service offering. We provide both general purpose and industry specific application hosting services to small and mid-size corporations. FutureTek will assign dedicated teams to either host popular applications or to host customer's in-house applications in one of FutureTek’s hosting facilities. FutureTek will take care of upgrades, new releases and future growth. Industry solutions are offered to our Retail, Wholesale/Distribution and Manufacturing customers and soon will be expanded to other vertical markets. Application hosting, offers the following strategic advantages.

  • Low capital investment and control on operating cost
  • Better focus on business issues and less on IT issues
  • Leverage and access to world-class capabilities
  • Faster access to critical applications
  • "Pay as you go" and lower TCO
The "Application Hosting" model delivers application functionality and associated services across a network to multiple customers using a rental pricing model.

Application hosting services are primarily targeted at small to midsize companies who are tired of keeping pace with technology and business changes and want to leverage the idea of better functionality and computing infrastructure on a “pay as you use” basis.  The organizations get fully functioning, comprehensive applications such as STORE/eCENTURY and BUSINESS/eCENTURY and access it through the internet or private network without having to pay for the installation, hardware or software.  A monthly fee amortizes your cost over time. 

The ASP model is attractive because the costs shift from large capital investment to-pay-as-you-go metrics. This is attractive to many cash-rich, high-growth companies, but also to conservative small and midsize enterprises that cannot afford the implementation  and support of a traditional application infrastructure. Faster time to live deployment will be an attraction of this model for all levels of enterprise.

While total cost of ownership savings for an ASP deployment over an internal deploment may or may not exist, this will often not be the key driver to market acceptance. The early drivers be "reasonable" pay-as-you-go pricing, faster time to market and removing the burden of large "up front" capital investments.


Delivering value and functionality through our extended global delivery model...

FutureTek . Web/E-Commerce Custom Solutions Development Services

FutureTek has a strong team of "E-Enabled" consulting talent with a wide range of skills in the E-Commerce market space. Our E-Commerce service offerings include:

  • Web based Application Development
  • E-Commerce applications
  • Intranet solutions
  • Implementing Web interface to legacy applications.
Our product development team has a wealth of experience in emerging technologies and tools.  Customers can use our state-of-the-art software research and development facility to incubate their "E-Solutions". FutureTek offers these services either on-site or through a combination of on-site/off-shore business model.  On-site/off-shore model extends our capability to deliver more value and more functionality to our customer requirements.

Delivering value and functionality through our extended global delivery model...

FutureTek . Web/E-Commerce Consulting/Professional services

We have a strong team of professionals assisting our customers move to the WEB millennium using most common industry leading tools and technology.

Our skills include

Internet Programming  : HTML, DHTML, XML, JAVA 2, CFML,VisualAge for JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, VB SCRIPT, C++, VC++, COM, ActiveX, EJB, Servlets, Corba
User Interface/Tools: PB,VB 6.0, ASP 2.0, Visual InterDev, Front Page 2000, Cold Fusion 4.0 Broad Vision
Application Servers: MS site server 3.0 with commerce, Developer 2000, Web Sphere Commerce Suite, BEA WEB Logic Server 
Database; Oracle 8.x,  SQL Server 6.5, 7.0
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